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Welcome to Smart Center For Teaching & Learning.
This is the instuction on how to use the website of Seoul Regional E-Learning Support Center.


1. Select your university/college, then your ID (your student number) to log in.
2. User ID is usually your student number. (In our system it will be recorded as a combination of your university code and your student number.)

My Home

1. This is the menu where you are presented with online lectures.
2. You may proceed learning online by clicking on the menu.

Online Exam

1. You may take your exams online.
2. Please note that any unnecessary mouse, keyboard operations while taking an online exam may be considered cheating.

Study Progress

1. You may check the study progress status of your courses.
2. From the menu, you may view the status of your assignments, team projects, discussions, online exams, and study progress.

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